Energy Leadership

Although my clients are high-achieving professionals, many are unaware of how their energy influences their ability to create what they most want in life. They know there is something keeping them from getting to the next level in their life, but they can’t quite figure out what it is.

That’s where the Energy Leadership Index comes in.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a unique, evidence-based assessment tool that examines how your energy presents during normal times and during times of stress. Rather than telling you who you are or how you function based on specific traits, the ELI measures your unique energy profile based on your perception and perspective of your world.

It’s not a personality assessment (like the Myers-Briggs, DISC, and other commonly known tools), but an attitudinal assessment. And because we have the power to change our attitude, the ELI can help us create change in our lives.

Many of my clients report low or fluctuating energy levels. Some have a deep desire for greatness but feel stuck, unsure how to move forward and uncertain whether they have what it takes to bring their vision to life. Others are living lives that are merely “good enough,” yearning for a bold, brilliant life that seems just out of their reach.

Time to leave “good enough” behind.

Regardless of where you fall on the energy spectrum, the ELI assessment can help you gain clarity, insight, and inspiration in your life. You’ll develop a greater awareness of how your unique energy profile influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and you’ll know the next step to take towards success.

The assessment includes a comprehensive debrief session, during which you’ll learn about the seven levels of energy and how much of each level you’re presently exhibiting in your life. Together, we’ll create your personal success strategy by identifying areas where you’ll benefit from shifting your energy, and by developing strategies to support your growth.

You decide how you show up in your work, your relationships, and your life.

As the cornerstone of Core Energy Coaching, the model I use with high-performing clients, I have witnessed the power of the ELI to change lives – my clients and my own. Armed with a greater awareness of how your energy is helping (or hindering) you, you’ll walk away from your ELI debrief equipped and empowered to create positive change in your life.

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