You’re already building and growing your life. But the question is… are you doing it intentionally?

If you’re like most people, then probably not. And that leaves you constantly in flux.

One day you’re feeling self confident and full of opportunity, and the next you’re completely defeated and full of self-doubt.

The never ending game of ping-pong in your brain leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and longing for fulfillment, purpose, and the life you really want.

You don’t have to live like that any longer.

Introducing the Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief


(Get ready to change your life.)

This single, transformational session utilizing the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) will help you uncover the hidden blocks holding you back from success. In 90 minutes, you’ll reshape your worldview as you develop an action plan that leads to greater confidence, a stronger business, and deeper relationships.

The ELI isn’t your typical put-you-in-a-box personality assessment.

As a result of the ELI Assessment & Debrief, not only will you understand yourself better, but you’ll have the tools to overcome your energetic blocks and chart your path to success – on your own terms.

Instead of telling you who you are, it tells you how you see the world.

Say goodbye to a directionless life.

The Energy Leadership Index is designed to unlock your potential and get you moving towards the life you want.

What people are saying . . .


I looked forward to my sessions with Lee, and when they were over I felt uplifted and excited to begin working on the new challenge we collaboratively designed.

Since working with Lee, my work days have been more productive. I completed several projects that I had only dreamed of starting.

I have a better understanding of myself as a photographer, and my photography has actually improved.

Erin Smith

Owner, Photography by Erin Smith

Before working with Lee, I worked long hours providing a service that didn't always fit my personality or match my passion. 

As a result of working with Lee, what I do in my business matches my personality and passion.

Coaching with Lee made me feel inspired, and she encouraged me to “dream big.” I experienced higher levels of positive energy, which I bring to my work and my life.

Henry Beckwith, Psy.D.


Lee has an easy way of getting to the heart of what's standing in my way.  She helped me to not only surface but move past my obstacles.

Starting a business is challenging, but Lee was able to help me focus and realize the next steps that I needed to take. 

At the end of every session, I felt energized, and I knew I was focusing on the right things.

Pam Burgess

Managing Director, Prequel Coaching & Development

Hi, I'm Lee Chaix McDonough.

I'm an ICF-certified business coach, a licensed clinical social worker, and author of the soon-to-be-published book, ACT On Your Business. I've helped hundreds of people get clear on what matters most so that they can build successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

My work is anchored in Core Energy Coaching, which allows me to take a holistic approach to examining the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of my client's life. And at the heart of Core Energy Coaching is the Energy Leadership Index.

The ELI is a life-changing assessment. I know – because it changed my life.

In the process of becoming an ICF Certified Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, I recognized that I wasn’t living up to my potential. I bounced back and forth between feeling like I could do anything, and completely doubting myself and my abilities.

Then I experienced the ELI assessment for myself, and everything changed.

I discovered…

  • That my primary energy of healing was helping me in some areas and hurting me in others,
  • How each of the seven levels of energy influences my goals, decision, and relationships,
  • That self-protection was keeping me safe but also blocking me from accessing my power, and most of all…
  • How I could create the energy I wanted to build my business and deepen my relationships

The assessment gave me a snapshot of who I was, and the debrief gave me the power to create who I wanted to be.


And now, everything is different.

I’ve grown my business into a brand that better reflects who I am, which allows me to work with clients I love in an authentic way. I also have the ability to respond appropriately to the energy of those around me.

Today I view the world and everyone in it differently. I’m more confident, compassionate, and connected.

And as an ICF-certified business coach, licensed therapist, and ELI Master Practitioner, I’m here to help you experience the same transformation.

How it works…

Step One

Schedule your deep dive debrief session.

Step Two

Take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

You'll receive a link to take the ELI within 24 hours of payment.

Step Three

Review your 11-page detailed ELI Assessment Report.

You'll receive your individualized report via email the day before your scheduled debrief session.

Step Four

Experience your life-changing, 90-minute ELI debrief session.

Learn about your unique energetic profile, uncover hidden blocks, and create a strategy to become your best self.

Step Five

Never be the same.

Take empowered action to create the life you want.

Receive your personal ELI assessment and deep dive debrief session

for a single investment of $497.

Lee made me feel very comfortable and safe to share my feelings. I gained confidence in my abilities as a therapist and as a successful business woman.

Because of coaching, I was able to clearly understand my strengths and how I wanted to begin and grow my practice.

I recommend Lee to anyone who needs greater direction in their business, and who wants to be the best at what they do.

Mary Ann Stewart

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

Prior to coaching, I felt unfocused. Working with Lee clarity and direction.

I loved having another person to hear my thoughts, truly listen, and then help me navigate where to go next. She encouraged me to finally break through barriers and really get some work done in my business.

Lee made me feel empowered and organized. I always feel better after a session with her.

Lindsay Jabara

Life & Style with Lindsay

Who is the ELI for?

The Energy Leadership Index is for anyone who craves a deeper understanding of their life's purpose.

It’s for those who feel restless, stuck, frustrated, or uncertain how to bring their vision to life.

It's for people who believe that every person on earth is an energetic life force, and that we each have the ability to cultivate more of the energy we want in our lives.

Who shouldn't take the ELI?

  • Those who prefer to be told what to do, how to be, or how to live.
  • Those who are not open to the idea that our energy influences what we create in our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Energy Leadership Index?

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. It's a unique, evidence-based assessment tool that examines how your energy presents during normal times and during times of stress. Rather than telling you who you are or how you function based on specific traits, the ELI measures your unique energy profile based on how you perceive yourself, others, and the world around you.

How does the ELI differ from other assessments, like the Myers Briggs or the DISC?

There are two main types of assessments: Personality and Attitudinal. Personality based assessments, such as Myers Briggs and D.I.S.C. are valuable tools that pinpoint certain personality types so that people can have more of an understanding about what their strengths and weaknesses are. By understanding your personality and how it relates to what you do, you can adapt your behavior to “work with what you have,” to function effectively.

The E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments as it is not intended to label a person and have them work well within that label. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. During your ELI debrief, you will learn how you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness.

What happens when I take the assessment?

After you schedule and submit payment for your debrief session, you will receive an email link to take the assessment online. Most clients are able to complete the assessment in 15-20 minutes, and find it to be a thought-provoking experience.

The assessment is not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers. You'll simply respond to a series of statements using a scale ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” Your responses are 100% confidential, and will be used to calculate your assessment results.

You will receive your assessment results one day before your scheduled debrief session.

What happens during the debrief?

The debrief is a 90-minute phone call, during which we'll go over your assessment results in detail. I'll provide information about the assessment in general and the seven different types of energy it measures. Then I'll provide a thorough explanation of your results, including your individual energetic profile and stress reaction. At the end of the debrief session, we'll review how you can apply your ELI assessment results to your business and your life.

How much does it cost?

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment and the 90-minute debrief session are a single investment of $497.

What if I have questions?

You have questions, I have answers! Email me at with any questions you have about the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief, and I'll reply within 24 business hours.

You are here for a purpose.

You might not know what that purpose is, but it’s there, waiting for you to find it.

You don’t have to continue feeling restless, bored, or disconnected from the moments, people, or Higher Power in your life.

You don’t have to wait for life to happen to you. You don’t have to settle for good enough anymore. You can create the life you truly want.

You already have everything you need.

Together we will unlock your ability to make it happen.