In my last post, I shared my three totem words –my core desired feelings – for 2018: Joyful. Powerful. Limitless. Every day, I’ve written these words down in my journal, and I’ve tried to ensure that my decisions and actions have been in alignment with these feelings.

As I write this, we're four days into 2018, and honestly… it hasn’t come easily. Granted, being snowbound with two kids isn’t ideal for promoting joyful, powerful, limitless behavior. The house is a disaster, we’re all a bit stir-crazy, and tonight my son gleefully announced he hasn’t taken a shower yet this year. (That is no longer the case, I assure you.)

Perhaps that’s why it’s even more important to have such big, bold words to guide my life this year. It’s easy to get caught up in the small distractions and petty annoyances of my day, losing sight of what makes life beautiful. But I have the power of choice – I can choose to seek joy, power, and limitlessness, even in a messy house with children who reek. And in doing so, I cultivate more of what I want to feel.

So today, I chose three actions that would manifest joy, power, and limitlessness

1. I ate breakfast with my husband. On a typical weekday morning, we don’t get to eat breakfast together. We’re too busy trying to get everyone ready for work and school, and we’re lucky if we share a sip of coffee, much less a meal. But the snow day gave us the gift of time, and so I made breakfast for us. I savored every bite and enjoyed getting to sit with him on a Thursday morning, admiring how the snow blanketed our backyard.

2. I meditated. I took ten minutes out of my day to center myself and connect with what Jen Sincero, author of You Are A Badass and You Are A Badass At Making Money, calls Source Energy. (I highly recommend both books, BTW.) In that short time, I was able to transcend the minutia of the day and reconnect with myself and with something greater than me.

3. I wrote 500 words. You’re reading some of them right now. I translated my thoughts, feelings, and experiences into written form, creating something that hadn’t existed before.

Three actions. Three small steps towards feeling how I want to feel. I brought joy to breakfast, limitlessness to meditation, and power to writing. In doing so, I created more of the very feelings I desire, as well as a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

What’s more, completing small actions creates momentum, allowing me to generate more joy, power, and limitlessness in my day, and hopefully in the lives of others as well. Prior to meeting with a coaching client this afternoon, I committed to serving her powerfully, and together we co-created a space for growth and possibility. Though we discussed difficult, painful experiences, over the course of our session I witnessed a transformation in her, from a heavy, anxious sadness towards hope.

Knowing how I want to feel offers me daily inspiration. But, as Chris Guillebeau says, “Inspiration is good. But inspiration with action is so much better.” It’s one thing to proclaim my desire to feel joyful, powerful, and limitless this year. But that’s only the beginning. The onus is on me to take action to create the life I want. And it starts with small steps, every day.

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