Bonus Day!

How to Talk About What You Do

In today's module, you'll use elements from the previous five days to create your personal elevator pitch.

Share your elevator pitch in the Bonus Challenge thread in our Facebook community, From Therapy to Coaching.

Key Points:

  • The key components of your elevator pitch are your client, the problem, the solution, and your “special sauce.”
  • The basic formula is: I help {CLIENT} experiencing {PROBLEM} achieve {SOLUTION} using {SPECIAL SAUCE}.
  • You may need to adapt this formula so that it sounds natural.
  • An elevator pitch should be a brief, 10-15 second introduction to who you are and what you do. If the other person is interested, then follow up with more detail.


You can find all of the week's daily modules below:


The material in this challenge has been designed to help you create an ethical coaching practice. However, the laws and regulations pertaining to licensed health care professionals vary state to state, and it is important that you consult with your state licensing board prior to providing coaching services. You are also encouraged to speak with an attorney in your state and seek additional clarification. Please watch this brief video for additional information.

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