Testing the Alchemy of Adversity

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last few weeks, you know that I’ve been developing a new typology about how we deal with adversity and how facing adversity transforms us. It’s been both exhilarating and terrifying to create a new idea and bring it to life, and...

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The Alchemy of Adversity

This is the third in a series of blog posts about how we respond to adversity and disappointment. You might find it helpful to first identify which one of the Four Faces best represents you, and then dive deep into how your Face is affected by blame. Last...

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The Effects of Blame and the Four Faces

Last week, I introduced a new way of defining how different people handle disappointment, and I shared a typology that I called the Four Faces of Disappointment. I’m going to be honest – I was pretty proud of that post. As the Four Faces model started to...

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The Four Faces of Disappointment

The Four Faces of Disappointment are based on two factors – who we blame when things go wrong, and how we process unwanted emotions. By becoming aware of the Four Faces, we are better able to manage our response to disappointment.

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Giving Myself Permission

We all have times when we feel lonely or uninspired. We’ve all felt the cold panic of self-doubt. Each of us has our own inner demons, ugly and screaming, insisting that we’re boring, or unoriginal, or that we don’t measure up. We’re united by the secret that we’re not good enough, and by the fear that we’re going to get found out.

But we’re also united by something greater than secrets and fear. We share the extraordinary truth that each one of us is worthy, with something to contribute to the world.

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Stress vs Burnout – There’s a difference (and it matters)

It’s not just semantics – stress and burnout are two very different things, and knowing the difference is critical to successfully managing burnout. I learned the hard way that stress management techniques don’t always help with burnout –sometimes they can even make it feel worse.

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