“This is the roadmap I wish I had when I started my business, and a book every entrepreneur must read.”

Melody Wilding, Business Coach and Writer

Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness

Are you ready to grow your business and transform your life?

Right now, you’re showing up, diving in, hustling, giving it your all –– and then some.

On the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together. On the inside, a storm is brewing.

We’re talking about spiraling into the internal tornado of self-doubt: “Did I push too hard on that sales call? Did I look too desperate? Did I make the right call on my pricing? What about my branding? Am I doing anything right at all?”

We’re talking about feeling the flush of shame crawl your neck and into your cheeks when you think about how you were rejected by a potential client, and the tightening in your gut as you see a knock-off version of you getting all the attention, clients, and success you should be getting, while you’re still struggling to get traction.

If you’re really honest, you’re not sure that you have what it takes to make it.

What if you could have the external signs of success AND feel aligned about your impact, your income, and the way you show up authentically in your business? What if you could feel completely confident in your abilities, knowing that you have the skillset and mindset to weather whatever storms come your way?

Welcome to the new model of entrepreneurship.

In ACT on Your Business, therapist and business coach Lee Chaix McDonough will introduce you to the six keys to unlocking greater fulfillment, success, and joy.

Using her evidence-based methodology for entrepreneurial flexibility, she’ll teach you the tools you need to get in touch with what’s most important to you (and why that’s the key to sound decision-making), to transform your deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings from enemies to allies, and to anchor yourself in the midst of any storm.

The result? You confidently move forward with decisions knowing that they’re aligned with what matters most. (No self-doubt spiral required.) You show up powerfully in your business and your life. And you actually start enjoying your business, because you’re reconnected to your initial spark.

The business and life you want is waiting. It's time to ACT.


What People are Saying

Lee nails mindset and mindfulness for entrepreneurs on the head. Whether you're a mindfulness skeptic or somebody who has a daily practice, you can definitely use this book as a guide to bring more intention into your life and your business. You'll love Lee's relatable (and completely transparent) style of teaching, and her tactical exercises will help you easily apply the six core processes in your business.

I recommend this book for any entrepreneur who wants to be intentional about how their thoughts, feelings, and actions impact their business and their life!

Reina Pomeroy

Life and Business Coach

It’s time to stop letting fear and insecurity get in the way of your dream. And Lee Chaix McDonough is here to show you how.
ACT on Your Business is the roadmap to find inner fulfillment I wish I had when I started my business and a book every entrepreneur must read to firmly believe “you got this.”
Expertly weaving mindset, mindfulness, and meaning, Lee shows you how to go from self-doubting and overwhelmed to calm and courageous. After reading this book, I was able to shift old stories stunting my growth and create success like never before.
Melody Wilding

Business Coach and Writer

In Section One of ACT on your Business, you'll learn:

  • how the mind is both an extraordinary creation — AND the reason for struggle and hardship;
  • why meaning, mindset, and mindfulness — the 3 Ms — are the key to breaking through self-limiting behaviors;
  • what constitutes entrepreneurial flexibility and how to build your “EF muscle”; and
  • the six core processes of entrepreneurial flexibility and their counterparts, the six shadow processes.

Section Two explores the what, why, and how of:

  • Determine What Matters: identify your key drivers;
  • Make It So: take consistent action to grow your business
  • Create Space: discover a new way to manage your thoughts
  • Let It Be: experience your emotions without being overcome by them
  • Anchor Yourself: connect fully with yourself and the world
  • Observe Yourself: view yourself in a whole new light


About the Author

Lee Chaix McDonough, LCSW, MSPH, ACC is the founder of Caravel Coaching and a business coach for helpers, healers, and creatives.

As a licensed clinical social worker and certified professional coach, she uses her background as a mindfulness-oriented psychotherapist and experience as an entrepreneur to help her clients build successful, authentic businesses.

She lives in New Bern, North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and adorably mischievous pug.

Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness

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