Happy New Year!

This time last year, I was in a bit of a funk. I felt as if I’d false started on my new year, and it took me several days to work my way out. Ultimately, I found a tool that helped me bring purpose and clarity to my year, and looking back, everything unfolded as it was meant to.

That being said, as 2018 approached, I wanted to take a more thoughtful, measured approach to planning my upcoming year. So I started my annual review much earlier, spending Thanksgiving to Christmas reviewing my successes (there were some big ones!) and learning from my mistakes (there were some big ones!). I spent time reflecting and writing about what I wanted for 2018 and beyond, and created a clear vision in my mind of where I want to be December 2018.


My love for planners, workbooks, and templates knows no bounds, and I relied on several during my annual review. And nothing helped me as much as Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map.

Ironically, I had a false start with The Desire Map. I brought it with me on my winter holiday, and the first time I started reading it, I was not. feeling. it. My lack of connection with the book surprised me, because LaPorte speaks my language and I am 100% on board with her approach to life. But for whatever reason (and in hindsight, there’s a clear reason), I didn’t want to keep reading.

In years past, I would have shelved the book and moved on to something brighter and shinier. But as I closed the book, my inner voice whispered:

“Don’t give up on this. Give it time.”


If 2017 taught me anything, it’s that my intuition knows what she’s doing. So I gave myself time, putting the book away and returning to it a few days later. And this time, I allowed myself to read it however I wanted. Some parts I skimmed, some I read two and three times, and honestly, some I skipped altogether.

Then I got to section 2 – the workbook. I flipped through it quickly, reading the questions and thinking to myself, “I know this already. I’ve done all this before.” I was prepared to put the book away again, until my inner voice popped up again.

“Don’t give up on this. Give it time.”

In that moment, my intuition demanded that I honor the process and take my time with the book. So I did, admittedly skeptical and half-heartedly at first. As I got further into the workbook, the main question emerged – what are my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) for 2018? Put more simply…

How do I want to feel?

A deceptively simple question – simple, but not easy. And as I wrestled with it, my resistance kicked in hard. The same resistance that encouraged me to put the book away and not read it. The same resistance that dared me to skip over the hard work. The same resistance emerges any time I’m standing on the precipice of change, ready to create what I want most in my life.

Resistance does not tolerate any threat to the status quo. It keeps insight and creativity locked up under the guise of safety.


Fortunately, my intuition rose to the challenge.

“Don’t give up on this. Give it time.”

I kept going. And through a process of writing, meditating, and yes, sleeping on it, I chose my three Core Desired Feelings for 2018.




Each word carries a personal intention, and together they form my decision-making triumvirate. Every goal I set, every choice I make, every action I take must be anchored in these three feelings. If something doesn’t increase my joy, make me feel powerful, or create a sense of limitless expansion, then I need to think very carefully before committing to it.

As we move into 2018, I am more focused and energized than ever before. I’ve set some audacious goals for the coming year, but I am moving toward them with confidence and clarity, knowing they are rooted in JPL – Joyful, Powerful, Limitless.

Now it’s your turn.

How do you want to feel this year?